Store Owner FAQ

Store Owners FAQ:

Q: What is Shop The Area? 

A: Shop The Area is the first retail and boutique delivery platform designed to give the customer an easy shopping experience from all the stores within a 15 mile radius with delivery within hours of purchase.  Shop The Area's pledge is to help storefronts close in the gap between online sales and in-store sales.  This web application is designed for storefront owners to increase their foot traffic by allowing customers to shop online and pay for delivery of goods.  

Q: How much does it cost for my store to be on Shop The Area?

A: We have three memberships.

Basic package: FREE to all retail stores in our territories. Basic Memberships come with a profile where you can tell the world about your store, the exchange policy and a picture of your store that you can change at any time.  This package only comes with the capability to pay for a delivery. Upon receipt of a customer's order for delivery, we dispatch a driver to retrieve the package from the business and deliver it to the customer. The customer can place a delivery order or the store can place the delivery order. Keep in mind the customers delivery address must be entered at checkout and the delivery order must be placed under your store's profile. 

VIP Membership: $99/mo. This package includes 30 days free. Stores can upload their inventory and sync with Shopify to allow customers to browse and make purchases. This package includes 25% off all branded Shop The Area merchandise, a professional photoshoot after the first 30 days and at least one monthly social media mention. VIP members can also submit upcoming sales, promotions and merchandise for email marketing to local customers. 

Boss Membership: $891 one time payment for a 1-year membership on our platform. This package includes 90 days free, a professional photoshoot within 30 days of signing up, 1 weekly social media post, 50% off of branded Shop The Area merchandise. Boss members can also submit upcoming sales, promotions and merchandise for email marketing. Boss members are also featured on our website homepage from time to time. 

Q: What are the requirements to be listed on Shop The Area?

A:  We require all stores affiliated with Shop The Area to have and maintain storefronts 5 or more days per week.  This web app was designed to help storefronts increase their foot traffic while keeping up with the growing trend of online shopping.  Online only stores are not currently eligible at this time.  

Q: What if someone orders an item on the app but a customer in my store has it in their hand?

A: We encourage all stores to follow their own guidelines when conducting business.  A refund for the price of the item can be issued to the customer.  We recommend contacting the customer prior to contacting us to ask them if their item can be exchanged for another item.  

Q: What if I don't have an item in stock?

A: Shop The Area encourages stores to check their inventory frequently to prevent such events from occurring.  However, in the event that a customer has ordered an item that is no longer in stock, the store has the option to cancel the order.  That feature is located on the "Order Detail" screen. 

Q: Does Shop The Area integrate with any POS systems?

A:We currently integrate with Shopify. We plan to integrate with all POS systems. Shopify integration is available with our VIP and Boss Memberships. Basic Memberships do not have selling privileges on our platform outside of the "Delivery" order feature. 

Q: What if I want to deliver the orders to my clients?

A: Liability restricts store owners from making their own deliveries.  We have a carefully crafted process for delivering orders made through our system.  In order to keep the process streamline, all delivery orders placed through Shop The Area are required to be delivered by our company.

Q: How will I receive my funds from products sold?

A: We direct deposit funds daily after 24-48 hours much like other third party payment providers.  Basic Memberships do not require the transfer of funds as they do not have selling permissions on our platform. For stores who wish for another option, we offer in-store payments the day the order is placed by the consumer.  

Q: How will I know that I've received an order?

A: One of our associates calls the store front to notify them of an order.  We also send email notifications alerting stores of an order. 


Basic Membership Liability Form & Terms of Use


Shop The Area, LLC (the Company) is a service provider offering boutique delivery to customers (the Consumer) within a 15-mile radius of the storefront’s physical location. Retail/Boutique delivery (the Service) offers the Consumer the option of receiving their purchase within the same business day. The retail store (the Business) can offer the service to all of its Consumers at no charge to the Business. This document outlines the terms, limitations, and duties of the Company, the Service the Business, and the Consumer. Other terms pertaining to the Service may also include “work orders” as in the Company representative assigned to provide the Service for specific Consumer. Terminology like “packages” refer to the object the Company will retrieve from the Business to deliver to the Consumer. “Service order” or “order for Service” refers to the submitted transaction on the Company website by the Consumer or Business.  

Timeframes of delivery:

The Company is not responsible for delays resulting from traffic, or other unforeseen circumstances. The Company does not have a mandatory timeframe for drivers to make deliveries. The Company and the Service are restricted to the hours of operation of the business. Consumers placing orders outside of the hours of the business’s hours of operation will have the option to cancel their order of the Service or receive the service on the following business day once the Business has reopened. The Company provides the Service on a first come, first serve basis. Consumers will receive the service in the order the Company received the notifications. Businesses are not discriminated against based on location and hours of traffic.


The Company requires the Business to package the Consumers’ purchases in a sealable polyurethane mailer before the Company leaves the Business location with the package. The Company requires the Business to enclose receipts and invoices pertaining to the exact order that is being delivered in the Service. The Business is required to label the package with the name of the Consumer in a conspicuous place on the outside of the mailer, along with the number of packages in the Service. If multiple packages are being delivered in the Service to the same address, the package should have a label of how many packages are included, for example: “1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3”. The Company can only pick up packages for the Consumer receiving the Service on their work order. No other packages will be retrieved by the Company other than the packages listed on their work order. Multiple drivers will be on staff, as needed, to assist with the service during peak hours and it is likely that another representative of the Company is already assigned to a specific Consumer’s work order. The Company is not responsible for knowing the contents of the package(s). The Business is responsible for all packaging. Orders eligible for the Service should be packaged appropriately by the Business based on their level of fragility. The Business is responsible for breakable items and packaging them correctly. The Company cannot receive packages containing alcoholic beverages, illegal items and substances, firearms, sharp objects, and otherwise harmful items.

Receiving Packages:

The Company requires the Business to verify the Consumer’s name upon retrieving their package(s). The Company is required to provide proof to the Business of the work order assigned to them. The Business can only give the Company the package(s) that is/are on the work order. Representatives of The Company are strictly prohibited from receiving packages without a work order assigned to them.


The Company is only obligated to the terms of the Service, which is providing delivery from the Business’s physical location to the Consumer’s physical location. The Service is considered complete once the Company has delivered package to the address listed by the Consumer and the Consumer has provided the necessary identification to receive the package. The Company does not yet support returns to the Business by Consumers. Consumers are responsible for returning unwanted items back to the Business within the timeframe the Business allows for returns. The Business is required to list their policies for returns/exchanges on the Company’s site before their profile is considered valid and approved to be published. The Company is in no way liable for returns and/or the Business’s decision to grant a return to the Consumer. Furthermore, the Company is in no way responsible for retrieving a package from the Consumer to return back to the Business.

Point of Delivery:

The Company is required to give the package to the Consumer listed on the work order. The Consumer is required to show one valid photo identification and the delivery order receipt from the Company located in the Consumer’s email or in their online account at The Company is strictly prohibited from releasing a package(s) to the Consumer without the proper forms of identification. No exceptions shall be made at any time. This protects the Company, the Business, and the Consumer. The Company is not responsible for the contents of the package and what is done with the package after the point of delivery. The Company is required to receive a signature from the Consumer at the point of delivery. A scan of the identification and the receipt provided by the Consumer will be documented as proof of delivery. If the Consumer fails or refuses to provide both forms identification to receive their package at the point of delivery of the Service, the Company will immediately alert the Business by telephone and return the package to the Business before moving on to the next order for Service. The Company is obligated to photograph the returned item in the physical location of the Business and/or require a signature from the Business that the item has returned safely and in its original condition. The Company may send the Business confirmation of delivery and completion of the Service.

In the event the Consumer cannot be located at the point of delivery, the Company is required to contact the Consumer once by phone and once by text. Should the Consumer be unavailable or unable to be contacted at the point of delivery, the Company will alert the Business of the event immediately and deliver the package back to the Business. Refunds for the Service fee ($10) will only be given in the event the Company is at fault. If the Consumer is not able to be located within a reasonable timeframe of 5-10 minutes of arrival to the Service location, the Company will not be held at fault and will return the package to the Business before moving forward with other Service orders.

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Placing an Order for the Service:

The Company can only be notified of as order for the Service through the website, The Company is not equipped to handle orders for the Service outside of the site. The Business can place the order for the Service on behalf of the Consumer, as well as, instructing the Consumer to place the order for the Service. If the Business chooses to place the order for the Service on behalf of the Consumer, the Business must use the Consumer’s physical location address at the time the order for Service is made. The Company is required to deliver the Service to the address listed in the work order, which is determined by the physical address provided when the order for Service is placed on the site. The Consumer’s physical location address can be altered at any time between when the order for Service is placed and the time the Company arrives to the Business location. Edits to the Consumer’s physical location address is subject to the 15-mile radius from the Business and must be within that radius.  

Cancellation of Basic Account:

The Company strives to meet the needs of all account holders. In the event the Business closes their physical location or wishes to be removed from the site, written notification is required before termination of the account. Terminating the Business account is permanent, and the Company can only remove the account with written notification. Written notification requires an advance notice of 15 days. The Business can schedule a specific day to be removed in advance and should include that date in the written notification. Failure to provide sufficient notification in advance can result in Consumers placing orders for Service after the Business has permanently closed or no longer wishes to remain active on the Company website. The email address for the Company is listed at the bottom of this document.

Change of Physical Address:

The Company requires an address change of the Business with written notification up to 15 days in advance. Failure to change the physical address of the Business can result in fees related to extra driving time for the mishap of sending the Company to the wrong address. The email to submit address changes is located at the bottom of this document.



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